Peaceful Prairie- Harsin Butte, Zumwalt Prairie.

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  Beautifully framed original oil painting measuring 23" x27".

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Harsin Butte  - Zumwalt Prairie, Enterprise, Oregon

Harsin Butte, was named for Fred and Katie Harsin who, along with their family, homesteaded and ran cattle on the Zumwalt Prairie in the early 1900s and their children and grandchildren remained residents until after World War II. 

The view atop the 5,500-foot-elevation Harsin Butte to the east takes in the Imnaha lands and provides a view of the Seven Devils mountain range; to the west and south hikers observed prairie and ranchlands extending to the picturesque Wallowa Mountains and the world-famous Wallowa Lake glacial moraines; and, the northern view provided hikers a look at the west Findley Butte and the rolling prairielands of the Zumwalt.

Zumwalt Prairie Preserve is a place of nature's superlatives, as part of the largest remaining Pacific Northwest bunchgrass prairie in North America, high concentrations of spring to summer wildflower blooms, and has one of the highest concentrations of breeding hawks and golden eagles in the world.    Expect to see wildflowers from February through October, with peak blooms and varieties during May through July.   Among several raptor species are golden eagles, prairie falcons, Ferruginous hawks, Swainson's hawks, and during fall and winter after migrating south from arctic are rough-legged hawks.  

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