Why Mark

why mark kortnik

Capturing Majesty and Power

Mark Kortnik is an artist who captures the majesty and power within the magnificent creatures he paints. Through the medium of oil painting, Mark renders these naturalistic representations of wildlife. Mark's most recent works focus on the dramatic landscape and lakes of the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the local Wallowa Mountains.

Artistry from Youth to Expertise

Creative at a very young age, Mark dedicated years to developing his unique skill at painting in oils. Mark earned his A.A. & B.A. degree in fine arts from Sacramento State University and American River College.  Mark later met his artist wife Carol McLaughlin in 1986 and moved to Joseph, Oregon. Today, after 35 years, they both continue to own and operate  Aspen Grove Gallery in one of the most popular tourist art destinations in the Eastern Oregon.

Continuous Praise and Achievements

Mark's work has been featured in "U.S. Art"  "InformArt"and Eastern Oregon  magazines for his combination of wildlife and petroglyph images in stunning compositions as well as his beautiful photo-realistic paintings of his local wilderness area.. For many years Mark was chosen to participate in the prestigious Western Masters Art Show in Great Falls, Montana.  Mark's paintings have received many first place and people's choice award ribbons for their originality in execution and design.