Mark Kortnik Biography

                                    "Tatanka's Thunder" - original oil painting 

Mark Kortnik is an artist whose subjects range from dramatic wildlife to the rugged landscapes of the Pacific Northwest region in which he resides. Through the medium of oil painting, Mark is inspired to paint very naturalistic representations from nature. Mark's paintings in this series are about more than what the current vogue in art expresses with its highly stylized "less is more" or "minimalist" painting.  The emphasis of that subjective approach illustrates the feeling the artist has towards the subject rather than what he objectively sees. Mark states, " I am not interested in painting primarily my feelings about the subject, but instead what I truly perceive as reality in nature with all its color and light, texture and detail."

Artistically creative at a very young age, Mark has dedicated years to developing his unique skill at oil painting. Early art school instructors encouraged Mark to pursue his talent and Mark credits them with his development today. In 1972 earning an A.A. degree from American River College and in 1977 a Bachelor degree in fine arts from Sacramento State University, Sacramento,California.  Mark met his artist wife in 1986 Carol McLaughlin, and moved to her home in Joseph, Oregon. Together they later opened their own artist business called Wallowa Lake Gallery in 1988. Some years later they decided to no longer rent space on main street and instead build their newly renamed  Aspen Grove Gallery in 2001. Aspen Grove Gallery was one of the first galleries in Joseph to open when the art boom hit started in  the 1980's because of the prestige of the bronze art foundaries. Now after 36 years and hard dedicated work, it is the longest established art gallery in the popular tourist destination of Joseph, OR.

Mark’s work has been featured in "U.S. Art" and "Inform Art" magazines for his combination of wildlife and petroglyph images in realistic compositions period. He  participated in the prestigious Western Masters Art Show in Great Falls, Montana for the past 17 years. Mark's paintings have earned many first place ribbons at various award shows. He received the 2011 People’s Choice ribbon and first place Judges Award for his original landscape oil entitled “Red Willow Winter” and earned first place ribbons on many of his large paintings of bison.

Currently Mark is producing paintings that portray the beautiful high lakes area of the Eagle Cap wilderness area in Northeast Oregon. Mark has hiked in and photographed many areas to use as reference for his studio paintings. Visitors to Joseph find these paintings a welcome sight towards a better appreciation of what this area has to offer them. In 2015 Joseph has the official state honor of being designated the first "art and cultural district" in Oregon.

You are invited to view Mark's paintings and meet the artist at his Aspen Grove Gallery, where you can also view works by his wife Carol. You can also view and arrange to buy limited edition reproductions of Mark and Carol's artwork at their website:

602 N Main Street
Joseph, OR 97846

Phone: 541-432-9555


Seasonal Hours: May thru October
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 6:00 pm
Sundays by appointment.

Off season Hours: Nov. - April.  Monday - Saturday 11:00- 5:30 pm.

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