Why Carol

A Symphony of Nature's Colors

Carol enjoys a variety of subjects such as California quail, songbirds, landscapes, northwest petroglyph designs, and art based on the ancient cave drawings found in France and Spain. Carol’s bronze art sculptures are based on prehistoric drawings of animals such as bison and horses. Her bronze sculptures are unique because they turn a two-dimensional prehistoric drawing into a three-dimensional figure.

Recognition in the Pacific Northwest

Carol's art has won many first place and people's choice award ribbons, and has shown at various galleries in the Pacific Northwest , including the prestigious Charlie Russell art auction in Great Falls , Montana. Carol has been written about by both "U.S. Art" "InformArt" and Eastern Oregon magazines. In 2012 she was honored to have been chosen to be featured on the OPB Oregon Art Beat television program because of her wide variety of creative skills and mastery of many mediums. Click Here to watch the video.

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