“The American Indian fascinates me,” says Terpning. “The more I study them, the more intrigued I become. Their culture and artifacts, their horses, the way they looked … there’s always another story waiting to be told. I feel privileged to be one of their storytellers. I could paint two lifetimes without running out of subject matter. I think it’s important to tell the story of the Plains Indians because their history is our history … part of our heritage. The history of the West is the only history America has that is uniquely our own.”

- Howard Terpning

$3,700.00 each Chief Joseph Rides To Surrender
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$1,450.00 each Transferring the Medicine Shield
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$1,500.00 each Honor of the Pipe Carrier
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$2,250.00 each Medicine Man of the Cheyenne
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$895.00 each Crows in the Yellowstone
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$1,595.00 each Color of the Sun
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$750.00 each Spirit of the Plains
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$950.00 each Crossing The Ford
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$2,450.00 each Trail Along THe Backbone
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$2,450.00 each Protectors of the Cheyenne People
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$2,450.00 each Trail in the Bitter Roots
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